/How podcasts can help service providers to grow their business?

How podcasts can help service providers to grow their business?

In the simplest of words, podcasting is the audio form of blogging and storytelling. Over 16 million Canadians have listened to a podcast and if you own a business, your clients can listen to podcasts anytime, anywhere. They can listen to it when they are at home or even when they are traveling in their cars or any public transport. Podcasts are easy and quick to create. There are several benefits of podcasting and some of them are listed below.

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Build Relationships with Audiences

Yes, it is true that a podcast helps in building effective relationships with the listeners and also position you as an authority or credible source of information. When you continuously create podcasts and build a set of listeners, your audience feels as if you are talking directly to them. When they listen to you, your voice in a way provides the solution that they are looking for. And as compared with blogs, people can understand the message you are trying to communicate in a better way with podcasts. The listener creates an image of you talking from the other end. When people have an imaginary friendly picture of you as they regularly listen to your podcasts, it helps them in trusting you as a reliable service provider.

Communicate the Exact Message

One of the drawbacks of blogs is that your readers may misunderstand what you are trying to communicate. Readers may not accurately understand your feelings and emotions you have when you start blogging. This way, your message isn’t consumed by readers the way it should. This isn’t an issue when it comes to podcasting. Podcasting allows you to inject your enthusiasm and speaking skills in the message you are trying to communicate. People can understand what you are actually trying to say when you stress certain words or take small pauses. So, there aren’t any chances of misunderstandings when you try to communicate your message through podcasts.

Effective Alternative to Video Marketing

You must have heard experts mentioning that video marketing is an outstanding way to create your business’s identity, generate leads, reach new audiences, and getting started with it will help your business be successful. This is true and so, many companies and marketers are focusing on video marketing to reach a huge number of people. But video marketing may not suit some business due to the requirement of a significant amount of funding and resources. This is where podcasting can help small businesses. Podcasting is a simple technique, and it does not require huge financial assistance. It is undoubtedly a cheap but effective alternative to video. All you need is a quiet background and a good recorder to generate amazing podcasts.

Podcasts offer countless benefits and are a really powerful way to connect. Let us now look at how you can reap these benefits by utilizing some noteworthy podcast tips for service providers.

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Tips to Successful Podcasting

Generate Great Podcasting Ideas

Before you create your podcast channel, you must first have several podcasts in the pipeline so that you can upload podcasts regularly right from the beginning. And before you begin podcasting, you must have several podcasting ideas and topics. Generating podcast ideas can be easily done in several ways. To start with, you need to ask yourself these questions. “What are my audiences expecting?” “What kind of information are they searching for?” “Who am I catering to?”. Keeping these questions in mind, you can create your podcast around the solutions to these questions.

Then, pick up topics related to your business and start podcasting. For instance, if you are a landscaping service business provider, you can create podcasts on topics related to landscaping, gardening, seasonal tips, various plants you can grow, and landscaping products to use, etc. If you are an estate agent, you can provide home buying, selling, renting, and other tips that your target might look information for.

Next, just the way you create topics for blogs of your service business, you need to come up with podcast topics too. You can use the same topics as that of your blogs. Moreover, you can convert all or most of your blogs into podcasts. This way, you won’t have to brainstorm twice for blogs and podcasts separately.

Brainstorm the Launch of Podcasts

Podcasting isn’t that complex, but it isn’t easy either. A lot of planning and brainstorming goes into the process of marketing podcasts. You need to decide the average length for all your podcasts, how often you will upload podcast clips, the purpose or mission of your podcasts, a name for your channel, the jingle and intro/outro content, etc. One of the successful podcast tips for service providers is that your podcasts should be 10-20 minutes long. Talking about the frequency, you can either upload a podcast daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly; it all depends on what kind of content you wish to communicate.

Just like anything else in business, a podcast should be underlaid with a specific purpose. Decide the purpose of your podcasts. Do you wish to educate your audiences with tips related to your business? Or do you want to spread across your interviews with influencers and other esteemed personalities from your industry? Or do you wish to share exciting insights of your business? Based on these considerations, you will be able to discover the mission and purpose of your podcasts.

With the overall mission of the podcast in mind, you must then brainstorm a name for your podcast channel or page. In most likelihood, your podcasts will be placed on your service business website. But it’s too boring for your podcasts to be named as numbers such as Podcast #1 and so on. Therefore, think of a name for your podcasts. You can give the same name to the web page where you will upload all your podcasts. For instance, our podcast channel is known as “Rapid Boost Marketing Business Growth School for Service Providers.”

Keep Everything Simple

As mentioned earlier, podcasting, at least in the starting stage, doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need high-end recording and editing software. Also, you don’t have to invest a lot of money in the process. Ultimately, your aim is to create clear and high-quality voice notes with crisp information, and that’s exactly what your audience cares about. Your audiences won’t even come to know the backend picture as to which software or device you used or how big your budget was. All you really need is a decent microphone and basic editing software. Remember, the more complex the recording and editing software, the longer it takes to learn and produce content. The same is the case with complex devices with numerous features. A simple Blue Yeti microphone or Audio-Technica ATR2100-USB with a nominal pop filter to cover it can provide quality podcasts too. To start with, you can use software like GarageBand and Audacity to produce decent podcasts. You can leave all the high-end software and devices for later once you build a remarkable set of audience.

Keep Your Script Handy

Imagine you are recording your podcast and you miss out on specific insights or skip a line or two. Fumbling or sounding nervous is something you can’t afford to do when creating quality podcasts for your audiences. You will have to discard the recording and create a new one. The process might go on and on till you successfully record a flawless podcast. One of the best podcast tips for service providers to save time and efforts while recording podcast is to keep the script of your podcast in front of you. No matter how nicely you learn the script and try to talk in the best way, it is always better to have your script in front of you. Work on the script, create a fair copy, rehearse for a couple of times, and then read from the script to record your podcast. You can also use the same script as the show notes or description for your podcast. Ensure that you use some of the popular keywords related to your business, that you generally use in your web pages and blog content. The right usage of these keywords in your podcast’s show notes and description can help you rank higher on search engines as well.

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Promote Them Everywhere

Once you have created your podcasts, it’s time to promote them. Create a channel on your website and upload all the podcasts under that channel. Make sure you have a welcome message or a header on your website that tells your website visitors about your new podcast channel. Apart from the website, you can also send the podcast link or the link to the dedicated web page for podcasts in the emails you send to your clients. The combination of email marketing and sharing podcast link can be one of the useful podcast tips for service providers. Lastly, the most common one, share all your podcast on your business’s social media profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram Stories, Snapchat, etc. so that more people will listen to what you have to say.

If you want your podcasts to be heard by millions of people online, you must spread them across on different channels. There are several podcast syndication channels where you must distribute your podcasts. Some of the channels that you can start using include iTunesGoogle PlayiHeartRadioSoundCloudSpotify, etc. These podcast syndication channels have a large number of users, and the podcasts uploaded on these platforms already have a massive audience. You just have to create a channel for your podcasts on these aggregators and start uploading your podcasts. Don’t forget to add the show notes and description of the podcasts as these content pieces will help prospects to find the relevant podcast. Over a period, you will successfully build a set of audience or listeners for your channel. Most of these platforms also offer their inbuilt analytics so that you can monitor the number of people listening to your podcasts.

Have a Separate Web Page

Another one of the important podcast tips for service providers is to have a dedicated web page on your existing website for podcasts. If you have all your podcasts and blogs on one common web page, your listeners will have a hard time to search through the podcast that they are specifically looking for. If you have a dedicated page for all your podcasts, your visitors will only have to search the clip from the collection uploaded on this page, which is easier. Having a separate page for podcasts also benefits your website’s SEO value. The separate web page provides immense content in the form of show notes and description that the search engine spiders can crawl and index.

Most businesses just have podcasts and don’t have show notes. Imagine someone listening to your podcast and misses to make notes. They might have to go back to the podcast and jot down the content or specific details from the podcast. Having shownotes for your podcasts will help your listeners to note all the necessary information without listening to the podcast again and again.

If you are attentive to these podcast tips for service providers, you will surely get a great response for your podcasts right from the very beginning. You can talk to our digital marketers for more such podcast tips that can make podcasting easy yet successful for your service business.

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