/How to manage business operations when everyone’s on vacation?
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How to manage business operations when everyone’s on vacation?

Now that the holiday season has just begun, most of your employees may be on a vacation. This can be a complicated situation if your business experiences a sudden influx of work.  So, how do you manage operations when the employees are on vacation? Is vacation scheduling going to solve your problem? Here are a few tips that will help you to manage operations during vacation.

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Vacation Scheduling

If many employees decide to go on a vacation at the same time, the operations can become difficult to manage. Therefore, you should consider having a proper schedule for taking leaves. Communicate the holiday policy to the employees. If some employees have already exhausted their number of holidays, then tell them that you cannot get any more. In fact, there may be a situation when most of the people apply for the leave for the same time period. Therefore, tell your employees that if they take big leaves that range from two days or more, then they need to inform well in advance. Provide leaves for people who ask first. Tell your employees that all the team members cannot take leaves at the same time. For this purpose, publicize your team member’s holiday schedule. Let them see the vacation schedule for everybody. This way the employees will take leaves accordingly and furthermore, there won’t be any conflicts as well.

Work Extra Hours Before the Vacation

The utmost priority should be to complete the work before going on a vacation. Therefore, if there’s any important work that needs to be done during the vacation, ask your employees if they can work for extra hours and finish the work before the vacation period. This way, you are able to finish the important work and you do not have to worry about managing operations when the employees are on vacation. Provide extra incentives or pay them for working overtime. If paying extra does not work well for you, then you can give them a holiday in the future or extra pay as a compensation for the extra hours worked in the office. However, do not force your employees to work for long hours if they are not willing to do so. If you do force the employees, their disappointment can be reflected in the poor quality of work. Hence, see to it that they willingly work for long hours.

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Set Specific Work Time During Vacation

At times, it may be difficult to go for vacations because of the workload. In such situations, you can set a specific work time during your vacation for about an hour or two every day. Tell your clients that they can contact you between these hours of the day. Make sure you take into account the geographical location before you give them the time. If there is excess work, ask your employees if they can come for half day’s work on the day of the vacation itself. Most of them may go out in the evenings, so instead of giving them a full day leave, allow them to take a half day leave. Similarly, if they cannot come to the office, you can allow them to work from home for a few hours. This way, less work is carried forward and you are able to manage your operations smoothly during vacation.

Do Not Take the Extra Work

It’s difficult to say no to a client but at least ensure that you do not take up additional projects during vacation. In case the project cannot be avoided, ask your client if you can take more time to finish the project. Once your employees return from vacation, you can start the work on the new project. Inform your key clients that you won’t be able to manage any extra work due to a shortage of employees. Make sure you inform them at the earliest before they come up with some work. Good clients are able to understand your situation and there’s nothing wrong in giving them a no, provided a proper reason is given. It is always better not to take up something which you cannot finish on time rather than coming up with a poor quality of work due to a few or no employees. Also, you cannot force your employees to come to work especially, if they have sincerely carried out their responsibility throughout the year with a few or no leaves. You cannot take your employees for granted therefore, do not take extra work if it is difficult to manage.

Prepare a Backup Team

Not all your employees may be in the holiday mood and may prefer working. This helps you create a backup team. Although, they won’t be able to manage the complete workload, you can give them tasks that are on priority. For this purpose, you need to train them to carry out the important tasks in your or your staff’s absence. As a result, you are assigning more responsibility and also placing your trust in these employees. This acts as a motivation to your employees and they perform their duties in a more responsible manner. Furthermore, the backups can be very useful if a particular employee is unable to come or leave the organization in the future. You already have a suitable employee as a replacement in hand.

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Use Technology

With multiple technological tools and software, you can complete and schedule your tasks while your employees are on vacation. You can use a PDA to track receipts, checklists, and other key projects. Keep a record of all your projects and their timelines by setting up a spreadsheet on your personal computer at home. You do not have to worry about missing out on any important updates on your projects. Also, set up a voice mail or an automatic email generator to respond to your clients in your absence.

Follow these tips to manage your business operations smoothly. Make sure that you are well aware of how many employees are going on a leave and make the necessary adjustments in the work schedule. Prioritize your business operations as per the vacation scheduling and allot the task to the employees. With timely planning and execution, you do not have to worry about how you will complete your work. In addition, you can take professional help such as freelancers or contract workers to complete the necessary work before the vacation. You can find information of other businesses on some of top business directories in Calgary. This way you and your employees can enjoy your vacation without the stress of any pending work. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about extra work when you are back to the office. Looking for more tips on how to manage your work during vacations? Then get in touch with a resource center in Calgary for more information.

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