/LinkedIn ad tips for service providers

LinkedIn ad tips for service providers

Business promotions or marketing is important for all businesses. When you are marketing your business, you need to identify your specific target audience and decide how you want to target them.  In the process of targeting your audience, a lot depends on how you pursue your target audience and what channel you use to do so. While chalking a comprehensive advertising plan is a must for any service provider, including LinkedIn ads in it is equally important. We will understand why it is important and how to use LinkedIn ads for service providers in this article.


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Reasons to Use LinkedIn Ads

Initially, when LinkedIn was launched, it was more of a confusion for the masses than a social network. The reason? People were aloof about the concept of LinkedIn, and many did not even consider LinkedIn as a part of social media. Social media for the masses meant casual networking and sharing fun filled content. With LinkedIn, people did not know what to do after they made connections with their workplace colleagues.

Now the scenario is different. What started off as a simple place to connect workplace colleagues became a much more comprehensive platform that allows users to post long-form content, publish ads, upload videos, etc. To make this happen, LinkedIn incorporated better mobile usability, smarter interface, spam management and enhanced content sharing. This lead to an increase in the number of people browsing LinkedIn by 40%.

Coming to LinkedIn ads, the team at LinkedIn wanted to leverage the increase in the number of people browsing LinkedIn, and they did so by designing a marketing section that offers the following benefits to businesses who want to market:

  1. The ability to control the marketing budget.
  2. Multilingual advertising options.
  3. Advanced audience targeting which includes job profiles and industries.
  4. Multiple types of advertisement options.
  5. Tools to generate leads.
  6. Tools to analyze marketing performance.
  7. Guaranteed impressions.

With so many benefits, LinkedIn ads for service providers is indeed a beneficial investment. It will not only increase your brand visibility among the people but also help you get a good return on investment by getting quality leads.

Types of LinkedIn Ads

Now that we have discussed the benefits of LinkedIn ads for service providers, lets us dig a little deeper into understanding what LinkedIn ads are. To gain access to LinkedIn ads, you need to have a Campaign Manager account. We will discuss more about the campaign manager later. Since LinkedIn gives a great emphasis on audience targeting, it provides its users with a whole basket of different types of ads to advertise their business. Some of the common types of LinkedIn ads are:

1. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are not ads but general LinkedIn content with a little push. These can be blog posts, events, SlideShare presentations or company news. To publish these ads, you first need to select a target audience. The sponsored posts appear on your homepage feed among the other various posts that you receive. The good thing about these posts is that you can keep your followers engaged and also acquire leads. To acquire leads, all you need to do is use the feature of adding a lead generation form to these posts. The forms can be added at the end of the post as a call-to-action such as “sign up for newsletter”.

2. Simple Text Ads

Text-based ads are not just made of texts. You can also add images to them. These ads are simple and straightforward with the aim to get traffic to your company website or your social pages. These ads are restricted only for the desktop mode. A text ad has a crisp and catchy headline, an image and a description. These ads majorly appear in the “Ads You May Be Interested In” section. These ads are easy to create and a good way to capture the attention of a professional in a hurry. The other good thing about these ads is that you get to use detailed filters such as job description, designation, organization, etc. to target a specific audience.

3. Video Ads

Video ads are a fairly new concept in LinkedIn. These type of ads were initially tested with a few businesses and were only started for the mobile platform to begin with. These ads are available in the campaign manager and allow the same type of targeting and analyzing features such as a sponsored post.

4. Sponsored InMail

Sponsored InMail ads are routed to the target audience through the LinkedIn Messenger. Sponsored InMails are more targeted and personal as they reach each user individually. A user receives these sponsored messages only when they are logged in and active at that moment. This helps to grab the attention of the user. Sponsored InMail works best for businesses that want to specifically target audience with the aim of converting the prospect. You could also send eBooks and whitepapers to your users through Sponsored InMails.

5. Display Ads

Display ads are a little different from the other types of ads. These ads are purchased from a preferred advertiser. A preferred advertiser is a consultant who creates ads for you and you simply pay for their work. These ads give you different options to advertise such as texts, audios, videos, images, etc. The main aim of such ads is to engage the audience and capture their attention quite early in their purchase cycle. Also, you can choose to place your ad on a high-traffic page, based on your budget.

6. Marketing Partner Ads

Marketing partner advertising is basically when you decide to advertise by taking assistance from one of the LinkedIn marketing partners.  LinkedIn has this feature in which they provide your business assistance by joining hands with some leading advertising firms to help you draft a good LinkedIn campaign. These partners provide specialized services in campaign creation. One such partner is Hootsuite.

7. Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads are highly customizable, and you get to target your audience in an extremely specific manner in these ads. These ads give you data about a user’s activity, and you can then accordingly target the user. For example, if LinkedIn identifies that a user is looking for a legal consultancy, you can use that data to customize your ad and target such user and inform them about your legal services. Do not forget to add a call-to-action in your dynamic ads for conversions.

LinkedIn has a variety of advertisement options for different types of service providers. You now need to explore each and decide for yourself which one will work best for your business.

Basic Structure of LinkedIn Ads

In the above section, we discussed the different types of advertising options available on LinkedIn. Though these types of ads differ from each other, there is a basic structure of LinkedIn ads that you will notice. The basic structure will include:

  • Headline – The headline of the ad which will have the main gist of the ad. It will be informative yet crisp. The idea of the headline is to capture the attention within a few seconds. You could try using the job titles of people you are targeting to get more attention. For example, if you are putting up an ad to capture the attention of human resource consultants, use their designation in the heading to make them want to know more of what you have to say.
  • Main Copy – The main copy of the ad will have the description or the main information of your ad along with an image if any to capture the attention of the users.
  • CTA/URL – At the end of your ad, it is essential that you direct the users to a landing page that fulfills their need. To do so, you need to either add a call-to-action button or the URL. Do not simply direct the users to your home page after creating a good ad copy. Think hard about what the next step of the user would be and guide them to a landing page that has the next step. You could create an all new landing page just for your ad campaign as well.

With the idea of a basic LinkedIn ad structure in mind, you can design multiple ad copies to cater your business needs such as driving traffic, getting leads, creating brand awareness, etc.

How to Use LinkedIn Ads

With so many things about LinkedIn ads discussed, it’s time you go ahead and try your hand on using LinkedIn ads for service providers. But before you venture without assistance, let us understand how you can go about LinkedIn ads.

To start your LinkedIn ad campaign, you first need to have a LinkedIn account and a company page. If you do not have one, now is the time to set it up as simply having a LinkedIn profile is also beneficial for your marketing efforts. Once you have your company page, you can easily set up your Campaign Manager account and start creating ad campaigns. Setting up self-serve ad campaigns on LinkedIn is quite easy. All you need to do is go to the Campaign Manager and choose the type of ad you want to create, set your target audience, choose a budget and schedule the ad. Once your ad is live, you can measure its performance and decide if you want to modify it for better results. While you are working on your campaign, keep these things in mind to create successful LinkedIn ads for service providers.

  • Decide a Budget – Before you start creating a campaign, decide the budget you want to alot for LinkedIn advertising. Also, based on the budget, decide whether you want to opt for the CPC (Cost Per Click) model or the CPM (Cost Per Thousand) Model. CPC is a good model if you are looking for leads and CPM is a good model if you are only aiming for brand awareness.
  • Have a Crisp Copy – LinkedIn ads are a small section that comes in the newsfeed of a user. This newsfeed is constantly being scrolled by the user. Your copy should be such that it should make the user stop and read what you have to communicate. So keep your message short and clear yet informative. Make sure to use catchy headlines in your ad copy
  • Use Images – You may add the best of content to your ad copy, but when it comes to capturing the attention of the masses on social media, images work wonders. Images have the capacity to stop a scrolling user. The only thing to keep in mind is to use relevant images that goes well with your business profile.
  • Do Thorough Targeting – Targeting a specific audience is very easy on LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives you filters to customize your target audience. These include job functions, company size, designations, etc. So do not forget to target your ads for better results.
  • Analyze – Analyzing your ad campaign is one step you should not miss out on. This is one step that will actually show you the result of all the efforts you put into creating your ad campaign. Make sure to analyze and modify the ad campaign if necessary, based on the results.

Summing up these tips and ideas of LinkedIn ads for service providers, LinkedIn ads are a good technique for business promotion and a paid form that will actually provide you with a good return on investment. So go ahead and try your hand at creating LinkedIn ads and get in touch with paid online ad specialists if you need assistance.

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