/The latest social media trends for physiotherapists

The latest social media trends for physiotherapists

With the current trend of high digitization, a majority of businesses plan to market their brand digitally. And, why not! Digital marketing provides a wider scope and varied options to market your brand. It uses different forms of digital media to spread the word about your service among the masses. The different forms of digital media marketing include email marketing, PPC marketing, social media, etc.

Social media marketing is one of the most interactive forms of digital marketing. It is highly considered for the fact that it enables businesses to not only inform about the service to the people but also communicate with them at a personal level. Plus, social media’s adaptability and customization features make it a useful platform for any kind of business to reach any kind of population.

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Social media for physiotherapists is has been gaining a lot of importance in the past year. The reason is simple, social media is such a flexible platform that can be molded to appeal all kinds of people to sell a business. Also, it is not restricted to certain types of business, and all businesses can easily use social media to promote their business and service, be it a dentist, plumber or a physiotherapist.

Social media for physiotherapists has been used for a long time now. The common trend seen in social media marketing is the creation of business pages and profiles on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. The next thing that generally follows is the daily maintenance of these pages by regular posts, updates, uploads and reverts to comments and reviews. This process has become old now for the latest trends in social media for physiotherapists include much more than this. So let us have a look at some latest trends in social media for physiotherapists which you definitely need to incorporate into your social media marketing campaign to tap more masses.

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Message your patients easily

Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to not only promote your service to the online masses but also to interact with the audience via different communication platforms. Social media has a vast variety of communication channels available to use as you wish. But the latest trend on social media for physiotherapists is to have direct conversations with the target audience. How? Via messengers.

Messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, etc., have been great modes of communication for a long time now. But did you know using these applications can be an excellent method to have direct communication with your patients and target audience? Messaging apps have been extensively used by a large chunk of people. Tapping this large group of people will help you enhance your brand image at a faster rate.

So how exactly can you leverage these messaging applications for the benefit of the social media for physiotherapists? A common trend noticed these days is the use of chatbots. Chatbots are automated chats which communicate with your customers and try to solve their queries. Facebook was one of the social media platforms to introduce chatbots for messengers which could be used to have automated communication. As a physiotherapist, the same could be used to provide pre-fed information to your patients about health conditions and the benefits of physiotherapy. However, a better method would be to have chats with the patient without the help of the bots as it will enable you to provide more personalized advice to the patients. As the current trend of messengers is known to provide not only a better user experience but also increased brand goodwill.

Use short-lived content for constant engaging

The other trend which is popular among the social media users is the use of messages or content which is live on the internet for a limited period of time. This type of content is known as ephemeral content or more commonly ‘stories’. Social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp have this feature added to their user experience.

So how does this ephemeral content work? Ephemeral content or stories are short-lived content, which when posted by a user, stays on the internet for a maximum of 24 hours. Post the 24 hours, this content is wiped off the internet forever. A major form of ephemeral content consists of videos, images, and gifs. You may be wondering how a content which disappears in a few hours can help your business. The whole idea behind the success of these stories lies in the idea of audience engagement. Social media has always been about engaging the users with engaging content. With stories, you get to upload interesting content related to your business which will only be there for a few hours. This compels the online users to take quick action and return for more stories as and when one is uploaded. This whole process works in favor of your marketing strategy as the traffic on a page increases substantially.

When using social media for physiotherapists, ephemeral content can work in your favor. As a physiotherapist, you could use ephemeral content to post content about different physiotherapy practices and short exercises for different body ailments. For example, you could upload a Facebook story on your Facebook business page about a quick stretching exercise for the midday office slouch to get the attention of the working masses during their mid-afternoon drowsiness.

Influence your patients through influencer marketing

With traditional forms of marketing strategies, a common technique used by many businesses was to have a brand ambassador to be the face of their product or service. The whole idea behind this strategy was to influence the masses to use your product or service by making an impactful person or celebrity convince them that it is good for them. This did work for many businesses. However, it was not something that every other business could afford, especially small businesses.

Keeping the same idea in mind, the latest trend that is working on social media is influencer marketing. The idea behind influencer marketing is similar to the traditional marketing method of having a brand ambassador. However, influencer marketing has celebrities who have a large number of fans in the social media circle. These people are not the standard celebrities like your movie stars or sports personalities, but people who have somehow managed to create a large pool of followers and fans on the social media. These people are also commonly known as micro-influencers.

The strategy of influencer marketing is very simple. Businesses find social media influencers who fit the best for their business and pay them to promote their products. The success of the influencer marketing lies in the number of followers that the influencer has. The larger the number of followers, the greater the scope of reaching more people.

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Influencer marketing has been believed to give a better return on investment as the reach it provides is guaranteed compared to other mediums and a majority of people online go by the words of the influencers. To apply this logic to your physiotherapy business, you need to follow a fitness enthusiast who can vouch for the therapy that you provide for sports and exercise-related injuries.

Use augmented reality for young patients

Now we venture into some technically advanced methods used in social media. Augmented reality is a highly advanced technology which has recently been adopted by social media platforms to wow their users. And why not? The whole concept of augmented reality is something that sweeps you off your feet. In augmented reality, technology lets you add objects to the real world without them actually being there.

A fine example of augmented reality was the game Pokemon Go, which allowed the users to play the game of catching creatures by following them around their surroundings. This technology definitely allows users to have a different experience that requires their active participation. This keeps them interested for a long time. This is one major reason which makes the inclusion of this technology in social media for physiotherapists a good thing.

But can augmented reality become a part of social media? Well, augmented reality is more than well-designed illusions and smart games. It has already been utilized by many brands to advertise their product and service in a different manner. One such example is IKEA Place which enables its users to visualize how a piece of furniture will look in their house. Coming to social media, Snapchat is one of the forerunners which has already included augmented reality in its interface by collaborating with Bitmoji. This inclusion allows the user to project animated objects in the space around them.

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Augmented reality in social media for physiotherapist is a trend which will take some trial and error. But it is definitely a trend you should try to grasp the attention of younger patients. This is one trend you need to keep your eyes open for as there are definitely some more customizable options which will be introduced eventually to make it a more user-friendly marketing method.

Consult through live streaming videos

Talking about social media trends, how can we miss out on videos? Videos are a good source of information for the online users for a long time now. Online content has been shared in various forms such as images, gifs, and written content. However, the video is one form which provides the best user experience as the user can learn about things with a much better visual representation and audio explanation. Of course, this is why video advertising is common. But what if this form could be utilized in social media for physiotherapists?


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Live video streaming is the trend which is making this happen. Though earlier used only as a form of communication among people, live streaming of video has taken a swift pace in attaining a place in content sharing methods of social media. With live video streaming options provided by social media platforms such as Facebook, people are now able to not only share videos but also communicate with their viewers simultaneously. From a business perspective, this method can prove to be very beneficial in grabbing the attention of the audience, if done correctly.

This trend can be the best method to make use of on the platforms of social media for physiotherapists. Being an expert who understands the problems that people need physical therapy for, you can have live streaming video sessions. In these sessions, you can have rounds of questions and answers to solve the queries of the people. This way you will not only be clearing the queries of the people but also be building goodwill for your physiotherapy business.

These are some of the latest trends which are expected to take the marketing on social media for physiotherapists by fire. Although some of them make use of high-end technology, some are much simpler and easy to include without major efforts. The key to making your social media campaign successful does not rely on the number of latest trends you use but on how well you use the limited latest trends for the benefit of your business. To make social media for physiotherapist work for you, an expert of social media marketing is someone you need by your side.

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