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Tips to start with mobile advertising for legal firms

The increase in the number of smartphone users has compelled marketers to focus their promotional efforts with the help of mobile marketing. If a customer wants to conduct research about a particular product or service, he will search for the information on mobile. If a person wants to buy a product or avail services, then it can be done directly through a mobile phone. Therefore, whether you deal with standardized products or provide professional consultancy like legal services, mobile marketing is something that you cannot afford to ignore. Acquiring new clients, enhancing the brand image, and reaching out to a large target audience are some of the major benefits of mobile marketing. The cost of advertising on a mobile is reasonable but it’s expected to increase in the future. Therefore, you would want to start with mobile advertising while it is still cheap.

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Usually, mobile marketing is carried out with the help of Google AdWords or social media ads. However, other forms of mobile marketing include email marketing, text messages, etc. If you consider advertising on mobile devices, then here are a few mobile marketing tips for law firms that will help you achieve the desired objectives.

Know Your Audience

Before you start with advertising your legal services on mobile, you need to know about your client’s behavior, demographics, location, etc. Once you understand your customers, it allows you to craft a successful mobile marketing strategy. This will allow you to segment your target audience and market your legal services accordingly. For instance, the legal services required by an individual is different from the services needed by a corporate. If you provide legal services only to corporate, then your marketing efforts should be focused on professionals or the working population. This means that you need to target people in the age group of over 18 years which generally forms the working population. Also, if you want to focus on providing legal services to a specific industry alone, then you need to target individuals based on the industry location. For example, Calgary is known for oil and gas industry. So, if you want to provide legal services to this industry, then you should target individuals residing or working in Calgary.

Often firms make the mistake of going ahead with mobile marketing without any prior knowledge about their prospects. This often leads to wasting thousands of dollars. For small businesses, this can be a huge setback. Therefore, when you start making mobile ads, conduct a proper research about your customers. It will give you a reasonable chance of growing your legal brand successfully on the digital platforms.

Optimize Your Website

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Get your website mobile optimized. It will not only improve the user experience but also allow you to target your ads on mobile devices effectively. When the prospects click on the mobile ad and come to your website, it should load quickly. Likewise, the font, the images, and the call-to-action buttons should be optimized keeping in mind the mobile users. If your prospects are treated with a poor user experience, then they will move out of your website. As a result, the clicks you get won’t turn into leads and your conversion rate will be affected. Plus, the bounce rate will only increase. So you may see a good number of people visiting your legal website but barely any conversions. In short, not optimizing your website that suits mobile users can be a costly mistake. Therefore, get in touch with a web development firm to help you optimize your legal website that works on all types of mobile devices and browsers as well.

Optimize Your Landing Page

It’s not just your website that you have to optimize. The landing page is an important element to ensure the success of your ad campaign. It is a web page which serves as the entry point for a website. The first page that a person lands after he clicks on your ad copy is known as the landing page. Once you get visitors on your website, you need to convert these leads into your clients. Clicking on the ad copy and coming to the landing page is just the initial process of acquiring new clients. The next step is to convince or influence them to perform the desired actions such as subscribing to your newsletters or availing your legal services and thus, becoming your clients. Therefore, it’s important that your landing page is providing the necessary information to the visitors and directing them what to do next. A poor landing page will only make clients leave your website. As a result, your bounce rate will increase. Furthermore, a high bounce rate will definitely affect your ad’s quality score and eventually, your cost per click (CPC) will also increase. You may wonder how this is possible. Basically, when you start with Google AdWords, Google will give you a quality score. The bid amount and the quality score are influential in determining the order of the ad rank. A high bid amount doesn’t necessarily mean that your ad will get featured on top of the search results. If your quality score is not bad, then your ad rank will reduce.  One of the factors that influence the quality score is the landing page. Therefore, it’s crucial that you work on optimizing your landing page so that the visitors get what they are looking for and also, allow you to improve your quality score so that your cost per click is reduced.

Various elements that you need to consider when optimizing a landing page include the form field, the font, the images, background color, call-to-action buttons, etc. To help you select the best elements for your landing page, you have to conduct A/B testing for the same. This is a test wherein you show two variants of an element to the same target group in order to determine the best one. For example, there may be two landing pages with different background colors such as black and white while other elements will remain constant. Now, the landing page with black background may show a better conversion rate than the white background landing page. Accordingly, you can incorporate changes to your landing page and include black as the background color for all your ad campaign. Likewise, you can test multiple elements to optimize your landing page for best results.

Provide Strong Calls-to-Action

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Your target will not click on the ads unless you have a strong call-to-action. In other words, you should provide incentives to compel them to click on your ads and avail your legal services. Some common calls-to-action may include offering discounts, free consultation, etc. Giving them something in order to encourage your intended action is strongly recommended for any ad campaign. This will certainly help you enhance your conversion rate and get new clients for your legal brand. However, the attention span of mobile users is usually less than ten seconds. Hence, your call-to-action buttons should be large enough to be noticed by your audience and they should be placed at the correct places. To figure out which is the correct place, you may have to conduct A/B tests to ascertain the best place to fit in your call-to-action buttons.

Use Different Mobile Ad Networks

Use different mobile ad networks when starting with mobile marketing. This will help you to determine which ad network is the best for your legal services. With Google AdWords, users can use Google’s display ad builder for mobile advertising. You can even create a mobile banner by using any design software as well. Other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo also have their own display ad networks. These display ad networks deliver ads to apps and other mobile websites. The cost, reach, targeting features, etc. differ as per different networks.

Include Contact Details

At times, it is possible that your audience may want to directly get in touch with you without clicking on your ads. Therefore, it’s good to run a mobile advertising campaign that includes your phone number especially for a service business like law firms. Moreover, when you provide phone numbers, users can directly tap on the number and click call to contact you. This arrangement is well-suited when you carry out mobile advertising campaigns. It’s relatively simple for users to get in touch with you directly instead of going through your website and filling the forms. In addition, it’s a quick way to get leads. However, this doesn’t mean you should stick to providing mobile number only. Some users may be interested in knowing what kind of legal services you offer and so, they may want to go through your website before deciding to avail your legal services.

Test the Ads and Optimize Them

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To ensure your mobile advertising is successful and effective, you need to test multiple ads. For this purpose, you need to measure your performance and find out ways to optimize them. At first, you need to experiment with various offers, messages, designs, etc. Then measure and analyze which produces the best results. A minor change in your mobile ad campaign can result in a significant improvement in the results. See to it that you keep a check on all your leads including the calls you get from clients. Most of the times, marketers make this mistake of only checking their emails to identify new leads and measuring the performance of the ad campaign. It’s important to remember that for mobile advertising, clients may have a high tendency to call you directly and contact you. Therefore, an ad campaign which might have a maximum number of calls can be neglected and termed as a poor performing one.

Once you know how the ads are performing, keep on optimizing them for better results. Repeat this process of testing, measuring, and optimizing your mobile ads so that your conversion rate enhances each time.

Following these mobile marketing tips for law firms will certainly allow you to craft a successful mobile marketing campaign. However, you need to regularly keep a check on how your mobile ad campaigns are performing. Managing the entire mobile marketing campaign can be a time-consuming task and hence, it is recommended that you take help of a professional mobile marketing firm. Moreover, there are many other ways to market your legal services through mobile such as social media marketing, email marketing, etc. To get more information on how to advertise your legal brand using social media, consult a professional mobile marketer.

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